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Learning At Play: New Gaming Console Focuses on Education

Educational entertainment manufacturer LeapFrog announced their newest product, a video gaming console for television called LeapTV.

Move over Big Bird, a new animal is in town. And it’s a frog.

Educational toy manufacturer LeapFrog has announced their newest product: a gaming console called LeapTV, the company’s first educational video gaming system for television. The console, intended for children between ages 3 and 8, will be released for sale online and in stores this winter. LeapTV combines an educational curriculum, physical activity, and over 100 different games to engage youngsters. LeapFrog created the LeapPad, one of the company’s most popular items, in 1999, and has released seven versions of the interactive electronic tablet since then. The new system, similar to Nintendo’s Wii gaming system, uses a wireless connection and projects the game on screen. The majority of LeapFrog’s other products are handheld. LeapTV will come equipped with a console, motion-sensor camera for interactive games, one controller, and 16 gigabytes of memory at $149.99.



--- Rebecca Ungarino