Oculus VR Unveils New Virtual-Reality Headset Prototype

Oculus VR unveiled a new virtual-reality headset prototype called "Crescent Bay" over the weekend at its first-ever conference. The device is lighter, features built-in "3-D" audio and includes 360-degree motion tracking to make it easier for users to move around.

Oculus, which Facebook bought for $2 billion in March, didn't reveal many technical details about Crescent Bay during its Oculus Connect conference. But many journalist attendees who used the prototype to play video games -- or experience scenarios like having a Tyrannosaurus Rex jump at them -- raved about the improvements. Oculus began shipping its first Rift headsets to developers in early 2013, but the devices haven't yet launched to a broad consumer audience.

Flashback: Early Oculus Rift had Huge Potential


--- Julianne Pepitone