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'Titanfall' Top Video Game, but Xbox One Sales Still Lag Behind PS4

The next-gen console wars continue, with Sony in the lead despite a chart-topping debut by Microsoft's much-anticipated "Titanfall."

The next-generation console wars continue, with Sony firmly in the lead despite a chart-topping debut by Microsoft's much-anticipated mech-based multiplayer shooter "Titanfall." The score so far? Xbox One, 5 million — PlayStation 4, 7 million.

Each company highlighted the bits of the March sales report from NPD Group that suited it: For Microsoft, that was the strong start for "Titanfall," which was the best-selling game in March on any platform. The 311,000 consoles sold in March (up from 258,000 in February) put the total past 5 million, but the Xbox One still has a long way to go before it catches up to its rival.


Sony, for its part, emphasized earlier this week the cumulative sales of its PS4: an impressive 7 million. And while it could not boast of having the number one selling game in March, it could mention that over 20.5 million total games have been sold to date.

That works out to an average of 2.9 games sold per console, which is coincidentally the exact same as the Xbox One. So neither platform has the upper hand there.

The fact is that the war is just beginning to heat up, though it must be said that Microsoft has showed at least one card — "Titanfall" — while Sony has yet to make any big plays. Of course, with the E3 gaming conference coming up in June, the next few months should prove eventful.