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What Level 999 of Flappy Bird Should Look Like

<p>A famous Nintendo character makes a guest appearance on this viral Flappy Bird video.</p>
Flappy Bird 999 High Score

Look upon this YouTube video and despair, Flappy Bird players. It’s footage of somebody reaching level 999 — well, not really.

There are several signs that the video is fake. First, it was uploaded by someone who creates visual effects for videos about games that he likes, such as this delightful first-person look into the world of a goomba from Super Mario Bros. Second, it features a cameo from a beloved Nintendo character that almost certainly would have got the game's creator, Nguyen Ha Dong, sued.

The third sign, of course, is that to reach level 999 of Flappy Bird would be to stare into the face of madness. Honestly, if you reach level 100, you should probably check your pulse and make sure you haven't died and gone to Hell. Good luck, gamers.