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Apple blocks pesky lock-screen intruders with iOS 7.0.2 update

iOS 7.0.2 update screen
iOS 7.0.2 update prevents people from accessing the multitask screen of a locked device.Apple

Remember that bug that lets you dig into the camera and photos of a locked iPhone, and even send stuff to the owner's email and social accounts? Well, Apple raced to lock it down with the 7.0.2 update available Thursday. 

We tested the trick on three iPhones running iOS 7, and two of them allowed us entry, including a brand new iPhone 5S. We're happy — well, maybe "relieved" is a better word — to report that the 5S in question, now updated, is no longer vulnerable to that kind of invasion. That is, you can no longer trick the locked iPhone into showing you the multitask screen.

So update your phones, people! If you're still worried about interlopers futzing with your phone set-up, you can go turn off Control Center and Siri access from the lock screen in Settings, under the General tab.

Bonus! For those of you missing the Greek keyboard option for passcode entry, it's your lucky day, because 7.0.2 brings that back.

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