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Apple event likely to bring new iPads, new Macs, OS X Mavericks

The press invite for Apple's Oct. 22 event promised
The press invite for Apple's Oct. 22 event promisedApple

"We still have a lot to cover," read Apple's invite for the event that's taking place Tuesday in San Francisco. As execs prepare to take the stage, let's take a quick catalog of all that could be mentioned, based on what's due for a refresh, and what's been in the rumor mill.

First, the likeliest stuff:

  • A new 9.7-inch iPad with a thinner, trimmer design, similar to the iPad Mini's
  • A new iPad Mini that looks pretty much like the first one, but with a better "Retina" screen, whose pixels you can't see
  • A slightly upgraded MacBook Pro with Retina screen
  • The previously revealed Mac Pro desktop system (the one that looks like a jet engine)
  • OS X Mavericks, which was revealed in June with a fall ship date

And here are the maybes, other products that may make an appearance, however unlikely:

  • Last year's iPad Mini, which could stay on as a cheap alternative to the new Retina Mini
  • Apple TV, because Apple seriously needs to put an app store in that thing sooner rather than later
  • iPods, because it's weird for Apple to have a fall event without even mentioning its once-beloved media players

Now, let's list what you probably won't see on Apple's Tuesday laundry list:

  • An iWatch
  • An iTV

You probably also won't see:

  • An iCar
  • An iBoat
  • An iPlane
  • An iUFO (though that would be pretty wild)

For more details on what's probably coming up, have a look at our article from Sunday — then let us know what you want to see. We'll be there covering the event live, so follow me on Twitter at @wjrothman for rapid-fire updates, and check back to for the full stories.