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Apple to hold iPad event Oct. 22: report

iPad Mini
The iPad Mini, introduced by Apple last fall.Reuters file

Apple was holding a few things back at its September iPhone announcement, apparently. Tech blog All Things D reports that another big event is in the offing for Oct. 22, at which improved iPads are expected to make their debut.

The date matches with earlier rumors, and would put the announcement almost exactly one year after 2012's iPad event, at which the iPad Mini was first unveiled. 

All Things D cites "people familiar with Apple's plans" as the source of information. NBC News contacted Apple for confirmation. "We decline to comment on rumors," a company spokeswoman said via phone.

While the iPad Mini has been a popular choice for buyers looking for a smaller and lighter iPad, its low-resolution screen drew instant criticism when it was announced last October. A "Retina display" iPad Mini would be a major improvement, making it more competitive with low-cost tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX, both of which offer better specs for less money.

Also expected is a redesigned iPad: thinner, lighter, and possibly equipped with an iPhone 5S-style fingerprint reader. Both it and the Mini will almost certainly be upgraded with the latest A7 chip.

As usual, news about the latest versions of iOS and OS X is likely on the slate as well, from sales and conversion numbers to new software and incoming updates.

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