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Best Buy has more Xbox Ones available on launch day — if you preorder

Best Buy has started accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One again.
Best Buy has started accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One again.Microsoft

Still want to get your hands on an Xbox One at launch time next month, but missed the boat on the first round of pre-orders? You may be in luck. Best Buy has made a fresh batch of Microsoft's next-generation video game consoles available for pre-order on its website.

The consumer electronics retailer didn't specify how many new Xbox One units it's offering other than to say that it has "limited quantities" available again. The company originally sold out of its Xbox One pre-order supply in June, only to have another batch of units sell out shortly after replenishing the supply again.

Gamers who are still looking for another chance to pre-order the device won't have any luck at other major U.S. retailers like GameStop, Kmart, Newegg, Target or Walmart either since the console is sold out at all of those locations as well. The Xbox One standard edition (as opposed to the day one version, which is guaranteed to become available on the Nov. 22 release date) is still available on Amazon, but the online retailer isn't promising anything about when customers will actually receive any orders they place for that version.

Yusuf Mehdi, vice president Xbox marketing, strategy and business, said last month in a statement to the Xbox Wire service that the company would "enable some incremental, additional units for the day one release." It's not clear if Best Buy's renewed supply was part of that plan, or if other major retailers will begin offering additional units before launch. For the moment, Best Buy looks like gamers' only hope to still latch onto the Xbox One in time for its launch.

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