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Bigger screen may delay next iPhone, report suggests

iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 offers a 4-inch display, but its successor may have something a bit bigger.Rosa Golijan / NBC News

Many hardware makers are pushing out devices with bigger and bigger screens — and Apple may be finally giving in to the peer pressure. According to a report, the next-generation iPhone may be delayed as the Cupertino-based company sorts out design changes.

Bloomberg reports, citing the Commercial Times, a Chinese language financial newspaper, that sources in the semiconductor industry claim the next-generation iPhone — which some assume will be called the iPhone 5S — will feature a 4.3-inch display. The current iPhone model, the iPhone 5, has a 4-inch display. (iPhone models prior to this one had 3.5-inch displays.)

It was previously expected that the next-generation iPhone would be released in the fall, but the recent report leaves some fearing that we won't see the new gadget until the end of the year.

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