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Google Glass update lets you control it from your phone

Google Glass and the MyGlass app.Google

A small update to the Google Glass headset's companion app, MyGlass, solves a small but nagging problem: how do you show off the device to someone who doesn't know how to use it? After all, if it's not on your head, it's not exactly easy to operate.

The app now lets you control your Glass from your phone, in addition to managing the device's settings and content.

Just open up the screencast utility, which duplicates the Glass' display on your smartphone, and start tapping away. This could be useful in a couple situations.

For instance, you could show a friend how the device works without going into detail of how to tap, slide and nod their way through the interface. And if you want to set a reminder during a class or meeting, but would rather not blurt out a voice command, the phone interface could be more convenient.

Some Glass owners are reporting in app reviews that the remote functionality isn't working correctly yet, and that may be because the device itself, as well as the app, requires an update. We asked Google about this, and a representative said that "more is coming in the days ahead," but was not specific about exactly what that might be.

Only a few thousand Glass devices are out there in the wild, so only a few people will need to actually download this update, but the new feature should be available whenever the device begins to be sold publicly — although when that will be and how much it will cost are still largely a mystery.

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