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Home-brewed 'Grand Theft Auto 4' modified to be more like 'GTV 5'

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Highly anticipated mayhem simulator "Grand Theft Auto 5" is grabbing gamer attention for being the first title in Rockstar's long and stories video game series to feature not one, not two, but three interchangeable protagonists. But if you can't wait until September to seamlessly swap between this trio of troglodytes, some enterprising modders have adjusted the PC version of "Grand Theft Auto 4" to allow for instantaneous swapping between that game's three protagonists as well.

While "GTA 4" originally launched with only a single-player character, antihero Niko Bellic, later downloadable content (DLC) fadded two new protagonists; Johnny Klebitz, the star of an additional post-release campaign "The Lost and Damned," and Luis Lopez, the player character for the game's second expansion, "The Ballad of Gay Tony." The patched PC version lacks the polish of a full-fledged commercial release like "Grand Theft Auto 5," but this new version of "GTA 4" might just do the trick for those of us that can't stand the idea of investing another month and a half (not to mention $60) just to get our hands on the new "GTA."

The modders note that the project is still in development and therefore warn any prospective PC gamers to be wary of bugs if they choose to download the software.

-via Joystiq