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Microsoft flaunts Xbox One's multitasking dashboard

Microsoft showed off the Xbox One's swappable voice-activated features in a new teaser video.
Microsoft showed off the Xbox One's swappable voice-activated features in a new teaser video.Microsoft

It's getting down to the wire for Sony and Microsoft as the two tech companies make the final preparations for the launch of the next-generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to tout its console's nifty multimedia features, Microsoft has released a new "trailer" for the Xbox One to go along with its revamped website.

The video showcases the Xbox One's Kinect-enabled voice-controlled switching between any of the myriad gaming and entertainment features, one of the new highlights that Microsoft has championed since it unveiled the console in May.

In the trailer, the Xbox One user swaps between watching Guillermo Del Toro's robot-fest "Pacific Rim" to playing Electronic Arts' robot-fest "Titanfall" before picking up a call from a Skype bro to confirm plans. In the midst of all this bro-calling and giant-robot-killing, he orders the Xbox to record and share some of his "Titanfall" gameplay by way of its "Game DVR" service. All that, and the only thing he needed to do was say "Xbox, do this."

Of course, this is just a promotional video, so we'll have to wait until reviewers get their hands on the Xbox One to see how well all of this instantaneous jumping back and forth works in practice once the console launches on Nov. 22. Watch the new Xbox One teaser below.

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