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Reddit: Where women strip for Internet money

Reddit via BuzzFeed
Reddit via BuzzFeed

You can buy guns and drugs with Bitcoin — the untraceable digital currency — so why not sex? Some people do.

BuzzFeed FWD's Katie Notopoulos reports on a new Reddit forum — or "subreddit" — Girls Gone Bitcoin. In this 18-or-older area, women (and some men) expose and semi-expose their naughty bits for your titillation ... and for Bitcoin tips. 

"Basically, it's a strip club without the body glitter and overpriced drinks," Notopoulos writes. Instead of glitter, the women sparkle via Post-It Notes featuring their Bitcoin accounts, where you can deposit your anonymous appreciation.

What's all this about Bitcoin, you ask? Bitcoin was created in 2009 as a decentralized currency with no financial or government backing. Its value fluctuates similar to the stock market. Unlike PayPal or credit cards, Bitcoin transactions — which occur via peer-to-peer software — leave almost no record. That's what makes Bitcoin great for illicit Internet transactions. 

That said, on the illicit scale, deals going down in the Girls Gone Bitcoin subreddit are nothing like the transactions involving weapons and everything from marijuana to heroin happening elsewhere on the Internet. There's much more pornographic fare out there, even elsewhere on Reddit, if you know where to look. And in those other naughty forums, nobody's grubbing for Internet bucks. Who knows, maybe the Bitcoin begging is part of the fetish.

There seems to be enough of a Girls Gone Bitcoin audience to create a "confusing power struggle for control of the subreddit between two strip-for-Bitcoin entrepreneurs," Notopoulos notes, pointing to two separate Bitcoin entrepreneurs who seem to be carrying on some kind of virtual turf war. (For more on that madness, I urge you to read Notopoulos' story on FWD.)

Whatever. Obviously somebody thinks there's money in Post-It Note peep shows — at least Internet money, anyway. You might as well try and wrap your head around the personals section of Craigslist.

Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown

via BuzzFeed's FWD

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