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Revamped 'Angry Birds Star Wars' will hit game consoles in October

Rovio is bringing \"Angry Birds Star Wars\" to major consoles this fall, the company announced Thursday.
Rovio is bringing "Angry Birds Star Wars" to major consoles this fall, the company announced Thursday. Rovio
Rovio is bringing
Rovio is bringingRovio

Just in case you haven't had enough of flinging irate fowl on your mobile device, Finnish game developer Rovio announced on Thursday that it is bringing the acclaimed "Star Wars" version of its "Angry Birds" franchise to almost every conceivable current-generation video game console this fall.

That list includes the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo's Wii and Wii U, as well as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS mobile consoles. People who want to chuck "Angry Birds"-ified versions of Luke Skywalker or Mace Windu will certainly not be lacking in options come October or November, that's for sure.

Rovio said that these "remastered" editions of "Angry Birds Star Wars" will be available at retail in the United States on Oct. 29, with a full global launch coming on Nov. 1. The console versions will feature new competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes along with 20 new levels. In other words, think of the console version of "Angry Birds Star Wars" as a sort of "Collector's Edition" of the classic puzzle game.

Rovio didn't give any details about the price of the console versions yet. Earlier this week, the Finnish developer announced plans to launch "Angry Birds Star Wars 2" this September.

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