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Like rival PS4, Xbox One sells a million on day one

Fans hold their Xbox Ones aloft after purchasing them on launch day.Microsoft

On Monday, news that Sony had sold a million PlayStation 4s in 24 hours indicated a strong launch for the new console. Not to be outdone, Microsoft announced Friday that the Xbox One had achieved the same feat.

"Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers," read the Microsoft press release announcing the milestone. "We are working to replenish stock as fast as possible to meet the unprecedented demand from our customers."

"Unprecedented" might not be the correct word when the company's biggest rival in gaming set the exact same record a week earlier, but the enthusiasm may be excused. And in a way, since the Xbox costs $100 more than the $399 PS4, cash-wise it's a bigger payday for Microsoft than Sony.

Our reviews of the Xbox One and PS4 found lots to like but more to look forward to, since both launched with only a handful of games — and few of those must-buys. As with the previous generation of consoles, day-one sales are just the opening act for a competition that will last for years.

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