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Spotify snags Led Zeppelin catalog, bulks up free app offerings

The Song Remains the Same - but the app is now free.Spotify

Spotify announced Wednesday that it has added the full discography of rock legend Led Zeppelin's to its streaming music service — and if you want to listen to "No Quarter" on the go, you can do so for free on their updated mobile app. There's a catch, of course — but hey, the price is right.

It's the first streaming service to have the full Led Zeppelin catalog, though you can find assorted songs and albums on the likes of Pandora, Google Music and so on. If, however, you want to stream every single track the band ever recorded, from its self-titled 1969 debut to 2012's live album "Celebration Day," right now Spotify is your only option.

And while a few days ago you would have had to cough up $10 to listen to Zep on your iOS or Android device through Spotify, you can now do so for free. Well, sort of.

The free mobile version of Spotify is limited to the service's "shuffle" mode, which is like Pandora or iTunes Radio: Pick an artist or theme, and let it improvise a playlist for you. Unlike those, however, if you pick Zeppelin or another artist in shuffle mode, all the songs will actually be by them, with none by "related" or "similar" artists. That said, as with any free streaming media, you're going to get a few ads in there as well.

If you're on a tablet, however, you have the same options as on the Web version of Spotify — play artists and albums to your heart's content, assuming you're paying that $10 a month. Why this should be, when tablets and phones are nearly the same size nowadays and run the same operating systems, is a mystery — but for now, that's the way it is.

The newly free Spotify app is available to download right now on both Android and iOS, and of course you can always test it out in your browser.

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