8 adorably geeky baby gifts for gamer parents 

Joystick baby onesie
What a n00b. My son Ico wears one of the gifts I was given after his birth.

These days, video games aren't just for children. In fact, more and more these days, video games are for people who are having children.

I should know, I'm one of those people. I'm a gamer. I'm a parent. And the people who know this about me were kind enough to introduce me to the wonderful world of adorable gamer-themed baby gifts when I gave birth to my son Ico (yes, named after the video game).

Know a gamer who's expecting? Headed to a baby shower? Here's a look at some of the absurdly adorable baby gifts for that gamer parent you know. Just looking for something cute for your own personal n00b? These items let you both show off your offspring AND your love of gaming. 

gamer baby onsies

The gamer onesie — various, $13-$60

There are so many great gamer-themed baby onesies out there, it's hard to know where to start. My son Ico (pictured top) is sporting one of my faves — the joystick onesie. You can find a variety of different controller-themed shirt options here at CafePress.

The above-pictured deluxe set of five gamer onesies from Etsy seller LindaSumnerDesigns is simply awesome and pretty reasonable for $60.

I'm also a fan of the super geeky "Level 1 Human" body suits. You can find them at Jinkx or at CafePress. If you're headed to a baby shower for a "Minecraft" enthusiast, this toddler-sized Creeper t-shirt is sure to be a hit. Or for "Portal" fans there's this Companion Cube heart onesie.

And what gamer parent wouldn't want to dress their offspring in this n00b onesie from ThinkGeek. So cute. So very true.

Space Invaders baby shoes

Space Invaders baby shoes — Etsy, $15 — $26

In the world of baby clothing, is there anything more adorable than pint-sized baby shoes? In the world of gamer clothing, is there anything more adorable than pint-sized "Space Invaders" baby shoes?

Maybe these reversible "Space Invaders" baby shoes?

Probably the only thing more adorable: the tiny feet that go inside them.

Pac-Man blanket

Pac-Man baby blanket — $47, Etsy

Speaking of retro-gaming gifts, you can make sure your young gamer is familiar with the important gaming hits of yore with this super-soft Pac-Man baby blanket. Baby needs to know his history, after all.

But, if you're looking for something a little more modern, then perhaps this "Angry Birds" receiving blanket is just the thing for your new egg.

Angry Birds costume

"Angry Birds" baby costume — Target, $34.99

And while we're on the topic of those furious fowl, it won't be long before Halloween is here. That means you'll have a perfectly good excuse to dress your baby like the red bird from the enormously popular game "Angry Birds" (see left).

If you feel the pigs are getting a raw deal in this whole thing, you can show your support for Team Swine by dressing your kid in this adorably redonkulous costume.

Ninteeth wooden teether

Wooden NinTeeth teether — $15, Etsy

At a certain point, babies are a lot like dogs. That is, they like to chew ... on anything and everything. So why not hand them a NinTeeth wooden teether. Made of chemical and toxin-free maple, it's reminiscent of an old-school Nintendo Entertainment System controller. C'mon baby. Say "old school" for mommy.

Super Mario Bros. wall decal

'Super Mario Bros.' nursery wall decals — Blik, $75

Some gamer parents have done outstanding work creating video game-themed nurseries for their new arrivals. Check out Jessica's "Super Mario Bros." nursery over at the Dork on a Dime blog. Meanwhile, Cole Bradburn created this awesome "Legend of Zelda"-themed nursery.

But if you don't have the time, skill or patience to hand-craft and hand-paint a game-themed baby room, there's a quick and easy way to get it done. Blik — maker of decorative stick-on wall decals — offers up a variety of video game-themed re-stickable graphics perfect for your little one's first bedroom. The "Super Mario Bros." Blik set (pictured above) will bring the game to big, colorful life on your walls. There's also a "Donkey Kong," "Centipede" and even a "Pong" stickable decal set

Raving Rabbids bib

Gamer baby bibs —various, $10-$12

Babies are messy. So very, very messy. This "You had me at Halo" bib can help

And if "Halo" isn't your game, check out this custom-made "Super Mario Bros."-themed bib, this "Angry Birds" bib, and this awesome "Raving Rabbids" bib (pictured left) from Etsy seller AiTenshi.

New parents will find their gaming time (and free time in general) drastically diminished, but we can gaze upon these food-smeared pieces of cloth and fondly remember the days when we used to have hours upon hours to spend with our favorite pastime.

Skyrim baby helmet hat

Crocheted 'Skyrim' baby helmet hat — $35, Etsy

What can I possibly say about this "Skyrim"-themed hat? It's adorable. It's totally geeky. Though, honestly, the first thing your little Dragonborn will do when you put this thing on her head ... is yank it right off. Yes, the eyeholes are sure to annoy most wee-ones. But still — it's so dragon-slayin' cute! If baby won't wear it, note that the seller also makes it in adult sizes. Perhaps a more comfortable option for your offspring is this crocheted Pac-Man ghost hat. 

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