America, this is your dream life: Pinterest’s top pins of 2013

Pinterest unveiled its top pins of 2013, showcasing how its users wish they were eating, decorating their homes and taking their vacations.

The 29 boards of Internet eye-candy provide some pretty tempting visions of the good life. Let's imagine your new, Pinterest-inspired existence, shall we? First, a look at the ideal home decor, which includes lots of carefully arranged bookcasesclutter-free kitchens, and a kitschy, Rat Pack-era backyard complete with pink flamingos and the tools to make the perfect martini. 

Pinterest users also love recipes — especially for guilty pleasures, usually involving cupcakes, copious amounts of cheese, or, in this case, both.

So, you're in your swanky backyard, eating taco cupcakes, but you suddenly come down with a case of wanderlust. What far-flung destinations are Pinterest users pining for? They include enticing locations like the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland and the seaside Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy. The Caves Resort, tucked into the limestone caves of Negril, Jamaica, were also a popular dream vacation spot.

Oh yeah, you might want to bring some water-proof devices on your trip, just a few of the gadgets featured in Pinterest's top technology trends of 2013.

Fashion was also a priority on Pinterest, for both men and women. You're going to need to look good when you're riding bicycles around Europe and making out with models. 

Thereare plenty of other "pin-spirational" boards as well, including top picks for party ideas, wedding images, adorable animals and more. Pinterest also provided a glimpse of what users in other countries — like Italy, Sweden and the U.K. — were loving in 2013. 

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