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Apple sets Sept. 10 press event — yep, new iPhones likely

Apple Sept 10 media invite
Apple's Sept. 10 media invite highlights the iOS 7 redesign, but (hopefully) foreshadows new iPhones, too.Apple

Apple just sent out its invitation to journalists for a Sept. 10 media event at the company headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Unlike most of the company's invites, this one contains few clues to the event's purpose. However, new iPhones, and the promised launch of iOS 7, are presumed to be the focus.

The expected invitation's catchphrase — "This should brighten everyone's day" — ironically doesn't shed too much light on the subject, but may confirm some rumors.

The flat yet overlapping pastel bubbles adorning the email do evoke the redesign of iOS away from the shadows and faux-realistic materials. Those colors may also refer to the potential color options of the cheaper plastic iPhone 5C that's expected to accompany an updated flagship 5S. (Those gold bubbles at 3 and 6 o'clock may be a nod to the gold-hued metal 5S that we're expecting.) 

We'll be covering the action live, of course, hopefully bringing news of the brand new smartphones, plus all kinds of lesser surprises that pop up during Apple's patented dog-and-pony shows.

And, hey, if you're feeling out of date with your tired old iPhone, it may be time to consider the trade-in options.

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