Creepy lip-syncing kids guilt moms off Facebook

Barton F. Graf 9000 — an advertising agency named in part for the BFG900 gun in the first-person shooter game "Doom" — wants bad mommies of the world to spend less time on Facebook and more with their creepy lip-syncing children, so it has joined forces with to make this delightful PSA. You can find it on, agency founder Gerry Graff's non-sponsored effort to 

Of course, no passive-aggressive hyperbole would be complete without referencing at least one exception that proves a rule. In this case, it's Shannon Johnson, the mom sentenced last month to 10 years in prison after her son drowned while she played Zynga's "Cafe World." That's the example the Social Times points to, adding that while your Facebook time may not be that egregious, "the social site still could be wasting valuable time that you could be spending with your kids."

Fingers crossed that this is just the first in a series of parent-shaming hits, and we can look forward to videos such as, "Mommy, Please Stop Texting While Pushing The Stroller Across the Busy Intersection," and "Daddy, Please Stop Browsing Ashley Madison and Take Out The Garbage."

More on the annoying way we live now:

Helen A.S. Popkin still prefers old-timey PSAs such as "Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, This is Child Protective Services. Please Log Off Everquest and Let Little Billy Out of the Broom Closet." You're welcome to join her self-righteous bloviating on Facebook and/or Twitter.