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Robotic hand can crack eggs, pour beer

A precious metal worker who lost his right forearm in an accident with an industrial blender has regained the ability to perform most two-handed tasks with the help of a robotic prosthesis.

Nigel Ackland’s device is a bebionic3 robotic hand developed by RSLSteeper. Sensors interpret movements of two muscles to control the hand within a series of preset patterns. 

Ackland demonstrates several uses of the hand in the video below, including the ability to hold car keys, motion for a person to come hither, grip a computer mouse, delicately crack eggs for breakfast and pour a glass of beer for happy hour.

For now, the technology is impressive for its ability to return a degree of normalcy to the lives of people such as Ackland. In the future, such prosthetic devices could provide their users with super-human strength and sense of touch.

 – via IEEE 

John Roach is a contributing writer for NBC News Digital. To learn more about him, check out his website. For more of our Future of Technology series, watch the featured video below.