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Workers assemble 10-story building in record-setting 48 hours

With pre-fabricated parts, three construction cranes and a crew of 200 workers, an entrepreneur in India has successfully erected a 10-story building in 48 hours, India news site NDTV reports in the video below:

The boxy structure is unlikely to win any design awards, but it proves such blazing fast construction is possible, according to Synergy Thrislington, the infrastructure company behind the feat.

Instead of brick, the building is made with polyurethane foam panels, which provide thermal insulation. (In addition to the foam, there is 200 tons of steel, as you can see from NDTV's video of the early hours of construction.) Once constructed, the “insta-build” uses one fifth the energy as a conventional building, according to the company.

To construct the building quickly, the material used to build it was manufactured and stored nearby within the past two months. The pre-fabrication process minimizes environmental waste and pollution at the construction site, according to Synergy Thrislington

The idea of the project was to focus attention on “better, energy efficient construction technology that will enable builders and owners to generate revenue within days, instead of waiting months together for the building to be completed,” the Deccan Herald reported

For anyone afraid to work or live in such a building, note that it is built to the highest earthquake code, according to the company. The video below shows seismic tests on a scale model of the building.

— via NDTV, Deccan Hearld  

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