10 strange and dangerous uses for lasers

We all know that lasers hold tremendouspotential for all kinds of useful gadgetry. However, they can also be used fordangerous weapons and bizarre, pointless devices — and few are more pointlesslydangerous than ones featured in this list.

Real lightsaber
A few years ago, WickedLasers got into abit of hot water with Lucasfilm over comparisons that were made between itsSpyder Arctic III laser and a real lightsaber. Unfortunately for Lucasfilm,that experience did nothing but put ideas into WickedLaser's heads. Now thecompany has released the "LaserSaber" — a device that looks and actslike the weapons featured in the "Star Wars" films. Basically, it's a Spyder IIIlaser with a 32-inch polycarbonate blade and an anodized aluminum base. A"magnetic gravity system" allows users to power up and power down theblade just like in the films. Supposedly, the blade shines brightly even in thedaylight — which is why it is recommended that you wear the protective glassesthey provide. Also, never use it around people or kittens — even ifthey're Jedi. $389 and up — Wicked Lasersvia Nerd Approved

Saw blade crossbow
This homemade saw blade crossbow withlaser targeting by Patrick Priebe not only puts safety last, it shoots it inthe kneecaps so it can never catch up. It fires small circular saw blades at upto 6,000 rpm using a lithium-ion powered motor. A 30 mW green laser aids intargeting. Laser Gadgets via Nerd Approved

Working Star Trek phaser
While you probably can't set thismodified toy Star Trek phaser to "kill," it could probably blind atarget or give them some nasty burns. Plus, it looks really impressive if yourEnterprise has a fog machine. Nerd Approved

Laser dominoes
In the video above Scott Stevenson pops100 balloons with a Spyder III 750 mW Krypton laser. It's kind of like the high-tech version of domino toppling. My only wish is that 100 clowns were holdingthe balloons because each time they popped it would make a clown sad. Stupidclowns. CubicleBot

Palm-mounted laser
This palm-mounted 1,000 mW laser designedby Patrick Priebe is about as close as you'll get to reproducing Iron Man'srepulsor beam. But don't think about starting your own version of the Avengersjust yet — you're still going to need a high-tech suit. That having been said, this guyjust might be the real Tony Stark. Laser Gadgetsvia FashionablyGeek


Predator helmet with tri-lasers
Master crafter Mike Loh created thiscustom Predator helmet titled “Bone Hunter Primal Eldar.” The helmet features meshed metal with tinted mirrorlenses, hand-painted resin fiberglass and the signature red tri-lasers.Unfortunately, harnessing terror of this magnitude won't come cheap. $1050 — Etsyvia FashionablyGeek


Portal turret replica
Ryan Palser created a real-life turretreplica from the Portal series that stands 38-inches tall and features aworking laser, motion-sensing audio and a dedicated button for playing thePortal theme song. Thankfully, no machine guns are included so there is no needto worry about being politely blown away in the middle of the night. Ryan Palservia Nerd Approved

OPMOD battle mug
The OPMOD Battle mug from Optics Planet“combines three Mil-Spec 1913 scope rails and a block of CNC-machined 6061 T6billet aluminum with the capacity to hold a sizable 24 ounces of your favoritefrothy beverage.” Thanks to the rails, you can deck out your mug with allmanner of foregrips, night vision, and laser sights. With laser targeting,you'll have a much easier time getting the delicious payload to its target aftera night of drinking. Optics Planetvia That’sNerdalicious

Laser popcorn maker
As the video above illustrates, lasersaren't exactly the most efficient means of making popcorn. That'sNerdalicious

Speech-jamming gun
Japanese researchers have developed adevice that is capable of "jamming" persons voice — effectivelyshutting them up when you're tired of listening to their annoying words. Theconcept is actually fairly simple — point the gun at the target's mouth using alaser sight, and a direction-sensitive microphone and speaker captures theirvoice and plays it back at them with a delay. If you've ever experiencedfeedback like hearing your own voice while talking on a cell phone, you knowhow disruptive that can be. Of course, the designers behind it have proposedall kinds of noble uses for the device, but we all know that commercial versionwould only be employed for evil. Arxiv


Sharks with frickin' lasers
Recently, WickedLasers realized Dr.Evil's dream of a shark with frickin' lasers. The 50 mW laser isn't attached toits head, so it falls a little short on accuracy, but I don't think many peoplewill argue with a high-tech underwater killing machine. Wicked Lasers via Nerd Approved

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