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Apple's Passbook aims to replace your tickets and gift cards

Apple's Passbook
Apple's Passbook app for iOS 6Apple

Apple has officially announced Passbook, a new feature of its iOS mobile platform that collects things like coupons and boarding passes into an easy-to-use interface on your phone or iPod.

The app aims to replace pretty much every paper ticket or plastic gift card that might otherwise be clogging up a user's wallet. They have partnerships already with a number of airlines, retailers, and venues; more are surely forthcoming, but may have initially balked at Apple's cut of the bargain.

Your iPhone will keep all your cards in the app for access whenever you need them (for instance, paying for a cup of coffee), but will also prompt you with them if they're time-sensitive — your boarding pass will appear when you're arriving at the airport and even help you find your way to your gate.

The feature was first announced at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in June, but iOS 6, of which it is a part, has been in beta since then and only available to software developers. Apple's event Wednesday marked its official debut.

Passbook will roll out with the iOS 6 update on September 19th (see if your devices are compatible here), and will also ship with the iPhone 5 on the 21st.

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