Are you sitting down? 10 nerdiest bathrooms

Spider Man
Courtesy of Nerd Approved

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By Nicole Wakelin

If you're like me, most of your major life decisions are made in the bathroom. So, it makes sense that the space is one that inspires creativity. The following 10 nerdy bathrooms are perfect examples. 

Super Mario bathroom
Mario and Luigi were plumbers, so it 's only fitting that they would get their own themed bathroom. Reddit user Kueeny is responsible for this masterpiece, though we agree with him that it would be perfect if the toilet was painted green and made the warp pipe sound whenever it was flushed. Reddit via Nerd Approved

TARDIS bathroom
If you should ever find yourself in need of a drink while in Brooklyn, check out a steampunk bar called The Way Station. We are fairly confident that it's one of the few places on Earth you can go to the bathroom or be violently ill inside of a TARDIS (in this case, it stands for Time and Relative Drinking In Space). The bar also includes Doctor Who-themed cocktails and weekly nerdy movie and television show screenings.  The Way Station  via  That's Nerdalicious

Futurama Leela bathroom
Ever feel like you are being watched? Well, this is one of the worst places to have that feeling.  OakOak  via  Nerd Approved

World of Warcraft bathroom
A couple of fanatical WoW fans raided their bathroom and remodeled it with a Horde motif. Together, this two-person guild goes on weekly quests for hand soaps and the ultimate in toilet paper softness.  via  Nerd Approved

Harry Potter bathroom stall
Looking for a little bathroom reading? A Harry Potter fan with a lot of time and/or a terrifying bowel condition managed to scribble the entire first chapter to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone on a school bathroom stall.  Nerd Approved

More craziness from Nerd Approved:

Star Wars shower
Emily Jagoda designed this Star Wars-themed shower mosaic featuring R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker for some very lucky kids. Fortunately, this Chewbacca won't leave an Ewok-sized hairball in the drain.  Emily Jagoda  via  Nerd Approved

Portal Bathroom
Watch as an adorable test subject named Vector gives you a tour of his Portal-themed bathroom. 

Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Chemistry lab bathroom
The owner of this bathroom once mixed some shampoo in a beaker with some toothpaste and nearly blew the cul-de-sac to smithereens. If you would like to try creating a chemistry-themed bathroom like this yourself, the periodic table shower curtain is available for $29.99. 

Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Spider-Man bathroom
Riley Replicas installed a faux-brick wall for a customer's bathroom that featured some of Spider-Man's greatest enemies punching through. Clearly, Sandman and Lizard have conspired to attack Spidey when he's most vulnerable.

Urinal games
Believe it or not, bathroom-based video games are popping up all over the place. As you'll see in the video above, one example was installed in a British pub named The Exhibit. It has three natural skill levels: easy (sober), normal (tipsy) and hard (drunk).

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