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Google targets confused Windows 8 users with new ad


The just-launched Windows 8 has been nothing short of polarizing, in both the online community and users at large. But we can all agree it's new, and a little bit confusing. Google wants to help — help you get your old Google back, anyway.

A new video posted on YouTube points to a site, Get Your Google Back, built specifically to get new Windows 8 users off Internet Explorer and back on Chrome for their browser — and for search, off Bing and onto Google.

First, you install the Google Search app (and put it in prime position, if you like), then you install Chrome, and boom, all your old preferences and history should be automatically synced up. But here's the video, for those who learn visually:

Our coverage of Windows 8 is ongoing; in the meantime, we've already taken a look at Microsoft's Surface tablet. Here's what we thought:

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