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The perfect gift: A 3-D replica of your head

MakerBot head replication
The ShapeShot booth and MakerBot-created replica.MakerBot

The holidays are approaching, and you may be struggling to think of what to get as gifts for your loved ones. MakerBot has an idea: A 3-D replica of your own head. Just imagine their face when they see — your face.

The service is a bit like a similar 3-D photobooth in Tokyo that we heard about last week, but unlike that one, MakerBot and ShapeShot's version doesn't cost a fortune or require you to stand still for 15 minutes.

Instead, you just sit down in front of a laptop and four cameras take your picture simultaneously from different angles. Software does the rest of the magic, and in a minute you'll have a file that you can either tweak on your PC or send to a service like MakerBot to be assembled.

You can get it done at the MakerBot retail store in Manhattan; Scans cost $5, and you can choose to have your face manufactured right there, though it may take a while. The replicas run $20, $40 and $60, depending on the size you choose — not the size of your head. 

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