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Google Glass gets apps for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more

Anthony Quintano
Anthony Quintano / NBC News

While very few folks have access to Google Glass, a wave of apps is already available for the futuristic headsets.

On Thursday, during a developer session at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, Timothy Jordan, a senior developer advocate at Google, unveiled the latest apps available for Glass. Joining the New York Times and Path apps, there are now apps for Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Elle, Tumblr and CNN.

With the Twitter app, Glass users can post photos (which are flagged with a "Just shared a photo #throughglass" caption). It's also possible to keep up on tweets, including mentions and direct messages, and you can also reply, retweet, and favorite.


The CNN app sends news stories and videos to Glass, in user-specified categories, which are updated at user-selected intervals.

Similar to CNN, the Elle app sends the latest news right to Glass. It mainly focuses on headlines, so you can easily add items to reading lists for later (though you can also have articles read aloud by Glass).

The Facebook app is fairly limited, mainly allowing you to share photos directly from Glass to Facebook, along with captions. If you accidentally share an item, the app allows you to quickly remove it right away through Glass.


The Evernote app seems to revolve around two activities — sending photos or videos to Evernote and sending notes from the Web version of Evernote to Glass, so the content is available for later reference. There's no way to do any elaborate editing via Glass just yet.

With the Tumblr app, you can get updates just as you might in your Tumblr dashboard. You can adjust how often you get updates and also post your own, including videos, text and photos.

Those who already have Glass can enable these new apps by heading to

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