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Google Search basically reads your mind now


Sometimes the queries you enter into Google have multiple meanings. Searching "bears" could mean you want to learn more about the animals or the football team — or perhaps something else entirely, something far less common. Wouldn't it be nice if Google could simply guess what you really want results for?

It now can.

Thanks to what's called Knowledge Graph, Google Search results will now include a little sidebar which allows you to choose from the various meanings of the term you searched for.

For example, if you search for "Andromeda," Google will suggest that you might be looking for information about a galaxy, a TV show or a Swedish heavy metal band. You select which thing you want results about and Google will show you only those links.

That's not all that Knowledge Graph will offer though. When there aren't multiple meanings for a popular search term, it will  provide a summary of relevant information related to your query in the sidebar.


Searching for an artist would bring up his most famous works. A musician query could show her upcoming concert dates. Search for a TV show, and you might see information about its cast.

Clever, no?

You'll see Knowledge Graph in search results about as often as you see Maps. The feature will start gradually rolling out to U.S.-based Google users today.

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