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Google's Android and Chrome chief to host event on July 24

Paul Sakuma / AP

Google has invited members of the press to join Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Android and Chrome, for breakfast on July 24. Besides baked goods and orange juice, we expect that there will be news about Android, Chrome, and perhaps even some new hardware.

The time would be right for us to hear about the next version of Android (which would still be called Jelly Bean). While little is known about Android 4.3, it is unlikely that it will bring major changes to the mobile operating system. The update will most likely be comprised of many small user interface tweaks. Since Pichai also leads the Chrome team, we wouldn't be surprised if there was also some news about Chrome OS.

While we'd expect new hardware to arrive in the fall, it is possible that Pichai could offer news about a new Nexus tablet or even perhaps the highly anticipated Motorola Moto X smartphone. (Albeit, this would make things awkward for Verizon, which is expected to unveil the newest Motorola Droid devices on the day prior to Google's event.)

Google's press event will take place in San Francisco and begins at 9 a.m. PT / noon ET. We'll find out exactly what's on Pichai's mind then.

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