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The Dead Island trailer will make you cry

Watching the teaser trailer for
Watching the teaser trailer for

First, a warning: The teaser trailer for forthcoming zombie game "Dead Island" is graphic, bloody and horrifying. Also, it will make you cry.

Or at least, it made me cry. And it made grown men I know cry. But mostly, this trailer — which is probably the best video game trailer I've ever seen — just made me want to play the game.

But here, see for yourself:

IGN brings us the scoop on this one and they're reporting that "Dead Island," which is being developed by Polish company Techland, is coming to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime this year. The developers describe the game, which takes place on the remote island of Banoi, in Papua New Guinea, as a "first-person zombie-slasher/action-RPG."

"Dead Island" was first announced way back in 2007 but then seemed to disappear from the gaming radar. IGN writer Ryan Geddes got a look at an early build of the game and says Techland has decided to forgo many of the usual zombie gaming conventions, opting instead to go for a more realistic approach. He describes it like this:

Rather than run-and-gun their way through a meat maze, players will be forced to scavenge for objects and use them to beat their undead foes into submission. There are precious few firearms scattered around the island (and even less ammo), so the majority of the combat will be intimate. Knives, machetes, bats, broomsticks, pipes — these are your defenses against the horde of infected monsters. It's survival horror with a melee action twist, and it's disgusting.

Here's hoping the game is as good as the trailer. Of course, that's setting the bar pretty high.

That trailer is as good as many of the best short films I've seen. And it has been spreading like, well, a particularly virulent zombie plague. You may have noticed, "Dead Island" has been trending on Twitter.

Now, pardon me while I grab a tissue.

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