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Nintendo mania will claim your kids, 1991 newscast warns


Let's take a moment to harness the powers of YouTube and travel back in time. The year is 1991. The affliction of the moment: "Video mania." The perpetrator: Nintendo and its "hot new toys."

(Ahem, press play on the video above) Look at those graphics? Look at those game controllers. Look at that ... hair!

In an appropriate bit of timing, the above video time-capsule has been making the rounds today. It was 21 years ago and parents everywhere (or at least news broadcasters) were fretting over the arrival of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Meanwhile, here in the year 2012, Nintendo is preparing once again to launch a "hot new toy." The Wii U arrives in stores on Sunday. But this time around, it'll cost $300 to $350 to own this machine. Of course, not to worry, for the money Nintendo "promises better sound, pictures and adventures."

But here's the question on everyone's minds: Will the Wii U cause America's children to once-again suffer from that most dangerous affliction -- Nintend-pendence? Only time will tell.

- Via BuzzFeed

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