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What gaming with Google Glasses might look like

When Google unveiled their augmented reality eyewear, Project Glass, many began to brainstorm gaming applications. No one yet has stepped forward with anything official, but some fans are starting to offer up compelling ideas.

The following is the latest from There is aCanal, the YouTube channel for Nadav Pessach and Uzi Mor, two Israeli based filmmakers who have an affinity for real life recreations of the game "Battlefield," mostly to flex their video effects acumen.

The latest is their idea of what "Battlefield 5" would be like, running on Google glasses. In other words, for Pessach and Mor, Google might not be ready for the next Battlefield, but the version after that ought to be fully augmented reality:

Obviously, the above is a very idealized version of the AR you can find in plenty of devices today. Current versions generally require that the action to be viewed though the lens of a device, such as a smartphone or handheld gaming system. That can be rather less than immersive.

Not only will bonafide augmented-reality gaming achieve brand new heights of play, only foretold in science-fiction movies, the outcry from anti-gamer groups, especially with titles as violent as "Battlefield 5," will be out of this world.

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