Meet creators of real-life superpowers Friday in White House video chat

Obama spiderman
Obama demonstrates his geek cred with a young Spider-Man last Halloween.

The White House will be celebrating San Diego's Comic-Con this week with its own nod to real-life superpowers, such as invisibility and super-strength with a Google+ hangout Friday featuring several leading scientists and engineers.

At noon ET, a panel of scientists will discuss their creations and some large-scale efforts the administration is working on, according to Tom Kalil and Meredith Drosback of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy.

One scientist is working on an "invisibility cloak," another on self-healing artificial skin, another on liquid armor, and yet another on a Batman-esque ascension cable. Then there's professor James Kakalios, the author of "The Physics of Superheroes," who may chime in on how the fictional Batman's gadgets differ from the ones that actually exist.

Keep an eye on or their Google+ page for a link to the video chat when they kick it off Friday.

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