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Men rob Internet cafe at gunpoint, forget to log out of Facebook

Rosa Golijan/

Two men robbed an Internet cafe at gunpoint and proceeded to make a clean getaway on a motorcycle recently. One of them got caught anyway though — because he forgot to log out of his Facebook account ... which he'd checked before committing the crime.

This is one of those stories that sounds almost too ridiculous to be true. Even though I know that Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz is a fluent Spanish speaker, I still insisted on confirming that he truly got the story — which occurred in Colombia — right, so I took the original report, from Spanish publication El Tiempo, and showed it to a co-worker. 

She burst out in giggles in the middle of translating it.

Basically, two fellas walked into an Internet cafe in Calima — a place north of the city of Cali, Colombia — and used two computers for a while. Eventually they got up, went to the register and proceeded to whip out guns and demand money. They got all the money and proceeded to escape on a motorcycle.

After the two men left, an employee in the Internet cafe called the police, who discovered that one of the suspects left his Facebook account logged in on the computer he'd used. They used the information discovered thanks to that to track down his home address, paid him a visit and took him to jail.

I suppose that man won't be investing in the Facebook IPO anytime soon.

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