Motorola to show off Moto X on Aug. 1

The highly-anticipated Moto X will be shown off on Aug. 1.

Motorola will show off the highly anticipated Moto X smartphone on Aug. 1 in New York City.

Motorola has teased that the new device will be "designed by you," and so expectations are that it will be highly user-customizable. (Users might have a choice of device color or configurations, although details are still to come.) Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has previously confirmed that the device will be assembled in the U.S. and suggested that it will indeed ship this fall.

Rumors about the Moto X have been swirling ever since Google completed its acquisition of Motorola in May 2012 (though the device was dubbed the "X Phone" for a long time.)

"Our role in inventing the mobile phone is well known," Motorola said in a press release reconfirming that the Moto X will be assembled in the U.S., specifically in Texas. "We’re happy to be shaping its future as well."

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