Oh my! Felicia Dayteaches George Takei how to play ‘Mario Party’

Felicia Day recently introduced George Takei to video games for the first time, and the results are glorious to behold.
Felicia Day introduced George Takei to the world of video games, and the results are glorious to behold.

Say what you want about George Takei, but the man isn't afraid to try new things. At the ripe old age of 76, the "Star Trek" icon and social media maven recently dived headfirst into the weird and wild world of video games. The result is a highly entertaining installment of Sci-Fi actress Felicia Day's popular Web series about retro gaming, "Co-Optitude," in which the two take "Mario Party 4" for a test drive.

Takei recently hosted Day — also beloved by geeks for "The Guild," a Web series about multi-player online role-playing games — on his social media-centered YouTube show, "Takei's Take." That's where the two talked video games, a conversation that turned to experimentation on Day's own channel. Seeing this pair of Internet sweethearts debate the fashion merits of various Mario characters is truly glorious to behold. 

It's like trying to introduce your grandparents to video games for the first time, except it's all the more awesome because Takei is involved. He also repeatedly emphasizes how Day is taking his video game "virginity" — awkward but hilarious — so here's hoping that there will be more Conan O'Brien-like videos in the future.

Watch the full video below.