Pre-caffeine tech: Droid, doodles and more

It feels like a cupcake kind of day.

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

The Leap Motion Controller, a 3-D motion control device which lets you feel as if you're right in "Minority Report" is starting to ship this week.

Researchers have put together an app which subtly corrects your doodles in real time, to improve your artwork while still maintaining your style.

Can't get enough of the Moto X? You're in luck: Details about the device keep slipping out.

Sony may be planning to put out a lens attachment for smartphones. 'Cause your phones need gigantic lens attachments.

Ever wonder how dolphins learn each other's names? Researchers may have an explanation.

Verizon's announcing some new Motorola Droid devices today.

Lego lovers need romance, too. Internet dating site Plenty of Fish has a tag specifically dedicated to those "interested in legos."

Google may be running nearly 25 percent of North America's Internet traffic through its servers.

Rovio issued out a rather significant update to its "Bad Piggies" game, bringing 30 new levels to your favorite gadget.

There have been one billion podcast subscriptions through iTunes and Apple's marking the occasion with a special section dedicated to the most popular ones.

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