Pre-caffeine tech: Selfies, security scares and more

Is it Monday morning already?

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

The selfie's been around since the days of MySpace. Now, tech culture researchers say it's has matured into more than a vanity symbol.

Uh oh! Chunks of the East Antarctic ice sheet may have previously melted and helped raise global sea levels more than 65 feet higher than they are now, a study suggests.

A catastrophic mud eruption in Indonesia blamed on drilling by an oil company might instead have natural causes, new research suggests.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is toughening his stance against online porn searches.

Half a billion cellphones may be vulnerable to a hacking method which allows bad guys to take control of certain types of mobile SIM cards.

The Apple developer's website suffered a security breach, the Cupertino-based company confirmed over the weekend.

Twitter's reportedly cracking down on child pornography with the help of Microsoft technology.

Reports suggest that Apple may be testing a 13-inch iPad.

Pictures of a new version of Google's popular Nexus 7 tablet may have leaked out.

And here's a crazy rumor to wrap things up: Canon may be working on a 75-megapixel camera.

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