Prepare to be terrified by Sellotape selfies 

Brace for it: The Sellotape selfie is officially a meme. 

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. People wrap their faces in Sellotape and then take a picture of themselves. The result is a grotesque carnival of distorted faces that will probably give you nightmares. 

Lore has it, a young British woman, inspired by Jim Carey in 2008's "Yes Man," started the craze on Facebook last week. Regardless, it's all over the Internet now. Look upon these faces and despair.




Sometimes, Sellotape selfies get dangerous. Remember kids, always give yourself an air hole.


Who needs a lunch box? Not this girl.


Sometimes stupid memes can be used for good. 



This gentleman has taped a phone to his face. He either has a second phone or camera, or, against all odds, a friend to take his picture.


The man who started it all (well, after Pee Wee Herman did it 1985, that is) ...


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