Survey says Apple users are cheaters — no wait! They’re cheap! No, wait…

Rosa Golijan / NBC News

I'm an Apple fangirl. My most recent ex is an Apple fanboy. And we somehow got along even though a variety of dating sites are spitting out pseudo-scientific statistics suggesting that we are cheaters who date around way too much while not getting a lot of action. Oh, and we might be cheap. Or maybe not ... there's some contradiction.

According to Ashley Madison, a site which helps folks arrange discrete affairs, Apple fanboys and fangirls download the service's mobile app twice as much as their Android-loving counterparts and they spend eight times more money in-app.One could interpret this to mean that iPhone users are more prone to cheating on their significant others.Or, you know, one could realize that correlation doesn't imply causation.

The folks behind, a website which allows "generous" members to offer "attractive" members monetary compensation for dates, revealed the results of a six-month-long study of 32,000 single, male users. Apparently PC users went on about four dates per month on average, while Mac users were deemed to be "Casanovas" for averaging twice as many dates. (Of course, it's worth noting that PC users averaged more sexual partners than Mac users, based on the data.) Mac users were also less likely to spend much on first dates arranged through, while the PC users happily spent an average of $148.46.

Those who keep an eye on Mac vs. PC, iPhone vs. Android, and other key tech battles will likely recall that dating site previously commissioned a survey focusing on the dating habits of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users in Canada. The survey results suggested that Android users are more likely to have sex on the first date than those who use iPhone or BlackBerry devices. Yet another survey, conducted by OKCupid, previously offered that Android users tend to have the lowest number of lifetime sexual partners.

Take all that information however you will.We'd suggest putting away your laptop and your phone and focusing on the person in front of you. You might discover that he's a delight ... even if he does use an Android device.

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