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Apple to announce 'iPad Mini' on Oct. 23, says report

Apple may announce a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet (pictured) on Oct. 23.Apple

The topic of a 7.85-inch iPad has been so hot in the rumor mill that we have been waiting eagerly for some idea of launch timing. Though we previously believed Apple would show the thing off on Oct. 17, a new, credible report says Apple will hold its event on Oct. 23.

The report comes to us from AllThingsD's John Paczkowski, who is well-known for his solid Apple event predictions. Paczkowski explains that just because invitations for a "special event" didn't go out on Oct. 10, as previously expected, doesn't mean that Apple won't show off a smaller version of the iPad — referred to as the "iPad Mini — soon. The announcement will happen on Oct. 23, rather than Oct. 17, as previously rumored, "people familiar with Apple's plans" tell Paczkowski.

"That’s a Tuesday, not a Wednesday, so this is a bit of a break with recent tradition," Paczkowski points out. "It also happens to be just three days prior to the street date for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet." Paczkowski says that the event will likely be held on Apple's campus, rather than in San Francisco, where its larger media blitzes take place.

The Loop's Jim Dalrymple, another well-connected fella when it comes to most things Apple, gave Paczkowski report a nod with a simple "Yep."

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