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Facebook to include your searches in activity feed

How searches will appear in your personal feedFacebook

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that adds recent searches to the activity feed located on your Timeline. So when you search Facebook, whether it's for bacon, a friend, or an ex, that search will show up on your feed. Don't worry, it doesn't show publicly, and you can disable the feature easily.

The Activity Feed is a feature that keeps track of everything you do, from commenting to liking, but is only visible to you. Others may see things you've okayed for public consumption, like new friends and posts from apps, but the full feed is private. This is where the new search info will go.

In the post announcing the new feature, Facebook is careful to mention that "It's important to remember that no one else can see your Activity Log, including your search activity." Just making extra clear that this is not something your friends can see.

That said, the general trend on Facebook has always been toward public posting as the default, so if you're concerned that your searches might some day be published more widely, you can easily disable it.

As soon as the search activity shows up in your feed for the first time (you should see it in the next couple weeks, according to the announcement), simply hit the "x" in the upper-right-hand corner and select "Hide Similar Activity from Timeline."

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