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Google's working on a smart watch, too ... of course

Mark Blinch / Reuters file

Samsung revealed that it's been "preparing the watch product for so long" and rumors about Apple's plans to build a smart watch are a dime a dozen — so it shouldn't be surprising that Google might be planning to put something on our wrists as well.

The Financial Times' Tim Bradshaw writes that, "according to a person briefed on the project," Google's Android unit is developing a smart watch which will "act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system."

"The project is separate from Samsung’s efforts," the unnamed source clarified, Bradshaw adds. (According to a report by Reuters, a "source with direct knowledge of the matter" claims that Samsung's smart watch "will perform many of the tasks of a smartphone.")

There aren't exactly many details about the watch Google is purportedly developing, but we do know that the company filed a patent for a wearable device of sorts in 2011. "The filing describes a 'smart watch' with a dual-screened 'lip-up display,' 'tactile user interface' and onboard camera," Bradshaw points out. Additionally, Motorola — which was acquired by Google —released a watch-like fitness tracker and music player combo dubbed the MotoACTV in 2011. When asked about any plans revolving around smart watches, a Google spokesperson told NBC News that the search engine giant is "not commenting on this [matter]."

In the meantime, "people familiar with the company's explorations" told the New York Times' Nick Bilton that Apple's working on "wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass." These devices would run on iOS, Apple's mobile operating system.

Unless any of the companies allegedly working on smart watches hurry up and make some official announcements, we're likely in for a lot of rumors and heated debate.

"Android's unannounced smart watch is soooooooooo much better than Apple's unannounced smart watch," Phil Nickinson, editor of Android Central, jokingly tweeted on Friday morning, spurring on the day's fanboy arguments. "Y'all don't even know."

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