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'Monkey Drums' purchase earns man $13,500 iTunes gift card


When Apple realized it had sold almost 25 billion songs through the iTunes Store, it decided that whoever purchased the 25 billionth song would receive a prize. Well, the milestone has been met and a someone's getting a €10,000 iTunes gift card — that's equal to about $13,500 — because he bought a song called "Monkey Drums."

To be more specific, the song purchased by the prize winner, Phillip Lüpke of Germany, is actually "Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix)" by Chase Buch. It seems that there are multiple remixes of the amusingly named tune, which to this writer's untrained ears sounds a great deal like a recording of a monkey playing a glockenspiel.

Since Apple issued a press release to announce Lüpke's fortune — and used it as an excuse to mention that the iTunes Store averages over 15,000 song downloads per minute — we were left wondering: What if he'd been downloading a more embarrassing song just as the iTunes download counter hit 25 billion? There are plenty of — ahem — raunchy songs in the iTunes store which, despite their censored titles and bleeped out profanities, might not be something that an individual wants to be associated with in a press release or the news stories it prompts.

Of course, things could've gone in an entirely different direction. Lüpke could've been downloading Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and essentially rickrolled a lot of people at once.

'Cause let's face it, a mention of the song title alone is enough to get the tune stuck in your head. (And if it's not ... just play the video right here.)

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