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Why does Facebook dislike pregnancy photos?

We've known for a while that Facebook doesn't particularly like it when people post photos containing nudity — not even the artistic sort — but now we're hearing that the social network doesn't like to see pregnant bellies either. What's going on here?

Irin Carmon at Jezebel reports that there have been several incidents of photos showing pregnant or recently pregnant women being yanked from Facebook. The photos include the thumbnail for a blog post about celebrity baby bump photo shoots, Demi Moore style pregnancy photos, and an assortment of breastfeeding images.

When she questioned Facebook about the phenomenon — and the blog post thumbnail incident in particular — Carmon was given a generic and dismissive response:

A spokesman for Facebook told us, "We don't have a special standard for pregnant women. Our policies prohibit nudity and are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone, including the many children (over the age of 13) who use the service," and promised to get back to us after investigating this particular incident, but said it was "almost certainly a mistake." Six days of following up later, we haven't gotten an answer.

We suspect that Facebook is attempting to keep things as decent as possible and that some barely risque photos suffered in the process of removing any truly indecent and offensive images, but we're simply speculating at this point.

We made attempts to follow up with Facebook regarding the incidents as well as the investigation, but have not received an official comment at the time of this post.

Update: The folks from Facebook have sent us a note to say that they're "investigating this situation and will provide more insight when [they're] able."

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