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Things to do and fear on Valentine's Day, according to our inbox

McAfee Valentine's Day Infographic

These items were all pulled straight from Valentine's Day PR pitches sent to NBC News Digital editors. The commentary that follows is, of course, our own.


Bring the spa home

Spas and salons will be brimming with lovey-dovey couples this Valentine's Day, but you can skip the crowds and create a better experience at home. Gather your candles, towels and favorite CDs and prepare a steamy bath. Complete the experience with a couples massage.

Candles? Check. Towels? Check. CDs? Not since 2007 but I can fake that part. Now, about that "couples massage..." []

Send free encrypted video and text messages

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there are plenty of ways technology can help you declare your romance for your sweetheart. ... Now, your private moments, meant to be shared with that special someone, are safe and will stay away from social media networks, and anywhere else they don’t belong.

This wouldn't have anything to do with, uh, below-the-belt camera work, would it? Thanks, I'll be sure to pass on the tip to every pop star, politician or pro athlete I know. [ZipaClip]

The Creators Project
A monster cake from Sticky Monster Lab.The Creators Project

Give the gift of 3-D-printable sculptures

If last year’s attempt at romance was a bomb, why not try something a little different this time? Flowers are boring and cliché, chocolate is what you give to your mom, and jewelry is a little impersonal (plus, you’ll never get her taste right). You know what’s really romantic though? ... Adorable and quirky 3-D printable sculptures.

I would never have thought of that! [The Creators Project]

Franci Cohen Fitness
Franci demonstrates the proper technique for burning calories from heart-shaped cake.Franci Cohen Fitness via Facebook

Gain love and not weight

Not just calorie counting here, but personal trainer, nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Franci Cohen will tell you how much exercise you need to do to burn off the Valentine’s Day treats.

So painful looking, I plan to avoid Valentine's Day treats altogether. Wow, Franci, you're a lifesaver! [Franci Cohen Fitness]

Embark on a smartphone scavenger hunt

Are your readers tired of flowers and candy and looking for something fun to do with their sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Why not send them on a fun scavenger hunt, around the house, neighborhood or city, using their Samsung Galaxy SIII or Note II smartphones and Samsung’s NFC- enabled programmable TecTiles?

Sounds ... complicated. [Samsung TecTiles]


Spend Valentine's Day with the WorryWoos ...

Don't feed the WorryBug on Valentine's Day!

Because nothing says "healthy, stable relationship" like plush monsters that characterize Loneliness, Insecurity, Innocence, Frustration, Worry and Confusion. [WorryWoos]

...or with cybersecurity lawyers

Have plans for a Valentine’s Day lunch? You might feel more secure spending it with law firm BakerHostetler and leading investigations firm Kroll, which on Thursday are co-hosting a webinar to review President Obama’s newly issued Cybersecurity Executive Order. Let us know if you want to sit in — and feel free to bring a "date."

"Uh, hi, honey? You know how you were talking about cybersecurity the other day? So, like, how's about ... nevermind." [BakerHostetler]

'Break Up' in a foreign language

With Valentines Day around the corner, I wanted to send you a light-hearted feature on how to 'Break Up' with your partner in a foreign language.

HAHAHAHAHAHA ... I don't get it. []



Love is in the air, and while Cupid is sharpening his arrows for Valentine’s Day, scammers are sharpening their skills and using holiday-themed keywords to target unsuspecting users.In particular, beware of malicious Valentine e-cards, gift deals too good to be true, fake dating profiles and love-themed mobile apps.

Now, you can take my e-cards, my gift deals and my fake girlfriends ... but you can't have my love-themed mobile apps! [McAfee]

Loved ones

40 percent of people have looked at their significant other’s emails or other private messages ... 30 percent have reviewed their partner’s browsing history ...

A cheerful reminder that the beloved of today is the total privacy nightmare of tomorrow! [Abine]

The keyword in the following infographic is "hopefully":




I was just fine until they went caps-lock on me. []

Dollar Shave Club infographic
Dollar Shave Club

Male rudeness

80 percent of men use their phone (to talk and text) on a date, but they need to put down that smartphone. Percentage of women who think it’s rude — 75 percent!

I will never not heed the advice of something called the Dollar Shave Club. [DollarShaveClub]


Studies from the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts show that people contemplate divorce for six months to a year before taking any action, and February 15 seems to be a trigger for many unhappy couples.

But February 15 isn't Valentine's Day ... ohhhh. [IDFA]

'Swamp People' e-cards

Visit the brand new "Swamp Nation" at and send your sweetheart a quirky Valentine’s Day e-card.

There's nothing more to say here. [History]

Swamp Nation
Now that's romancing!A&E Networks

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