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Use Tumblr's iPhone or iPad apps? Change your passwords now

After discovering an issue which could allow passwords to be compromised, Tumblr has released what it describes as a "very important security update" for its iPhone and iPad apps and asked users to change their passwords.

It seems that, under certain circumstances, the prior versions of the iPhone and iPad apps would allow an individual with malicious intent to "sniff" — or intercept — passwords as they are in transit across a local network.

The latest update — version 3.4.1 — fixes this issue, but Tumblr asks that those who've used prior versions of the apps should update their passwords on Tumblr and anywhere else they may have used the same password.

"Please know that we take your security very seriously and are tremendously sorry for this lapse and inconvenience," Derek Gottfrid, Tumblr's vice president of product, writes in a post on the official Tumblr staff blog.

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