Why no glimpse of PS4 console? It’s about the brains, not the plastic

Why no glimpse of PS4 console? 1:47

Why didn't Sony show the PlayStation 4 console at the PlayStation 4 unveiling? The truth is, it did. You might say to yourself that we didn't see what the shell of the PlayStation 4 looks like, so how can we be excited by a device which has yet to take physical form? Because this isn't an iPad, folks. The PlayStation 4 is not a device you store in your pocket and touch lovingly everyday (unless you know something I don't). This is about what the PlayStation 4 can do, and Sony spent two hours telling us exactly that.

The real PlayStation 4 is about the guts, and can be seen in the complex beauty of games such as "Killzone: Shadow Fall." It can be seen in the dedication to unprecedented sharing tools for gamers and stunning graphics engines being produced by people like Quantic Dream's David Cage.

I didn't expect we would see the plastic case of the PlayStation 4 at the event, and that's certainly not the only surprise that Sony is holding back. Showing the PlayStation 4 hardware would mean tipping their hand. So while we contemplate the PlayStation 4's inner beauty, let's also feel the thrill that there's more to come, and not just a molded plastic case.

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