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YouTube Capture iPhone app simplifies video sharing


If you're looking for a super-quick way to put everyday videos online, YouTube has a new one for iOS that does just that one thing. YouTube Capture isn't a social network or a funky service — you hit record, give it a name, and up it goes on the world's biggest video site.

There are a number of other video-sharing services available for iOS, but surprisingly, the ability to take a video and quickly upload it to YouTube hasn't actually made its way into the official YouTube app. Google probably opted to make Capture its own app to keep down the number of taps it takes to get a video going.

While the process of capturing and uploading the video is streamlined, you can still take advantage of some basic editing tools. Make it private or public, boost the colors, stabilize the video, or snip a few seconds off the end.

The app is free, and is available now at the app store. There's more information at YouTube, if you're not quite sure it's for you.

Devin Coldewey is a contributing writer for NBCNews Digital. His personal website is